School Building

Ajanta Senior Secondary School is a school with a distinct personality, vibrates with depth, stability and progress in all its manifestations. Its unique structure captivates the first time visitors. it’s like one big home where belongingness and dedication catches on.

Utmost care has been taken for the safety of students in the way school has been designed. The school from within has been divided into three blocks A, B and C. These are interconnected.

We have the Infant wing which houses the Pre Nursery and Nursery classes. The fully air-conditioned building is a peaceful heaven for the little ones to learn skills through fun activities.

The school building is located at the 3Acers of area and the playground is spreading over 5 Acer of area with grassy lawn. The building is airy and specious having fire safety extinguishers & as per the safety norms of govt. The ramp has been erected for disabled/handicapped child.

Physics Lab

We have a well-equipped and spacious physics lab in which the senior students perform experiments related to the following topics:

  • Electricity & Magnetism
  • Light
  • Electronics
  • Mechanics
  • Heat and Thermodynamics
  • Sound Etc.

The lab is equipped with sufficient apparatus to provide opportunity to the students for project work also. Students at senior level are able to design electronic circuit in the lab as part of the activity.

Chemistry Lab

We have a spacious laboratory that can accommodate many students at a time. Our lab is well equipped and spacious.

Senior students perform experiments on the following topics:

Qualitative Analysis, Quantitative Analysis, Crystallization, Chromatography, pH Analysis, Rate of Reaction, Organic functional group analysis, Detection of extra element etc.

Students also conduct various investigatory projects. Senior students are able to make dyes from chemicals, make perfume, make coloring pigments etc. They also conduct study like level of alcohol in cold drinks, presence of adulterants in different fruits vegetables and food items. The strong acids are kept under lock and key so that they are not accessible easily.

Biology Lab

We have a well-equipped and spacious biology lab which can accommodate many students at a time comfortably.

The students perform experiments related to the following topics:

  • Digestion
  • Photosynthesis
  • Respiration
  • Cell division
  • Parts of a flower
  • Pigments present in the leaf
  • Osmosis
  • Components present in the food stuff
  • Types of soil and its water holding capacity.

The lab has compound microscopes, dissecting microscopes, water bath, charts, and specimens, slides, Genee Vision and microkit that is used for performing experiments.The lab is equipped with sufficient apparatus to provide opportunity to the students for project work also.

Geography  Lab

Students perusing studies in geography in the XI and XII use the Geography lab. This lab sports all kind of models, maps, and instruments that give a detailed insight to the students. The students maintain a board where all news related to the subject is displayed and updated.

Mathematics Lab

We all understand that math can not be learnt. It has to be understood and practiced. The Math lab takes this concept a little further. Here students are made to experience the various principles and fundamentals of mathematics. We have two Math Labs: The junior Math Lab for classes 3rd, 4th and 5th.

The senior Math Lab for Classes 6th to 12th. Students get to understand the various concepts through the feel of real objects. Math, measurement and relationships between various principles are not left to some strange imagination, they are clarified by actual demonstration. This makes math more real and hence better understood.

Primary Math Lab (Classes I and II):  To enhance the mathematical skills and the learning experience of the students, innovative and intriguing activities are being carried out in the Math Lab. Children really look forward to the time spent in the Math Lab.

Computer Lab

Our School has well developed labs to make students computer literate and to enhance their knowledge and understanding in other subjects and related areas.  We also provide Internet access for students. Students can use the facility to search for information related to their studies or to general knowledge. We have a facility to avoid any outside access or hacking to the school computers or information.

School Library

Reading adds newer dimensions to the body of knowledge. We at Ajanta Sr.Sec.School Tajnagar, believe in inculcating a reading culture that enhances and compliments the education system. Books that capture the imagination of students, reconfirm their facts and open newer doors of intellect are carefully chosen and made available to the students. We have a librarary in school: Books on varied subjects are available here.

Reference Books and Magazines keep the students abreast with all that’s happening around. Students are encouraged to give their suggestion about the kind of books they would like in the library, and our librarians do their bit to carry their suggestions further.

School Playground

Play ground is a different tool of education altogether. Besides the game it teaches team spirit, determination, focus and management. Above all it imparts the winning spirit. For all these reasons and more-All work along with lots of play, is the school mantra as far as sports goes.
At school campus we have:

  • The Football Court
  • Volley Ball Court